Logitech X-540: Great Gaming Surround Sound System

Logitech X-540: Great Gaming Surround Sound System

One of the most important aspects of a great video game experience is the sound. It used to be the case that just having clear sound or even loud background sounds and music were good enough. With the advent of surround sound, everything changed. Now sound has the effect of making the game more realistic by immersing the player in the game. This article will discuss what this technology offers a gamer as well as describing a great gaming sound system – the Logitech X-540.

Surround Sound Gaming – A New Level of Immersion

Surround sound systems create an atmosphere for gamers that you just can’t get from stereo or mono systems. Sonos 5.1 Home Theater System When stereo sound was introduced and video games began using stereo, the gaming experience was greatly enhanced because the gamer could now perceive noises and music as if it was coming from the middle, left or right sides of their view.

This type of sound completely changed this by giving the gamer the ability to hear things coming at them from the sides or even behind them! Great video game programmers then utilized this technology to enhance game play by having opponents sneak up behind the gamer or you could hear bullets fly by you.

Gamers are always looking for the most immersive experience and surround sound can help provide that experience by the audio environment it creates.

If you have never experienced surround sound in a game that was designed to use it, ask a friend or visit your local gaming store and try any of the modern first person shooters to get an example of the feel this creates.

Logitech X-540

Once you’ve decided to get a surround sound system, you then need to determine the best system for your budget and needs.

While it is definitely possible to spend thousands of dollars on a sound system that offers every bell and whistle in existence, you are probably better off choosing a system from a company that specializes in gaming sound systems.

Logitech has several lines of surround sound gaming systems on the market. One of the most popular is the Logitech X-540.

This system has great features and comes at an entry level price. It has four satellite speakers, a center satellite speaker and a booming subwoofer as well as a nice control interface.

The 5.1 sound system offers 70 watts of clean, clear sound. The drivers in the satellite speakers are a patented technology that prevents uneven response so you get a nice smooth sound.

The subwoofer is special in the fact that it was designed to drive the sound downwards. This makes the bass sound much deeper because it spreads it evenly throughout your room.

The control pod gives you the ability to control the volume and bass level as well as a headphone jack like most surround sound system controllers do. The feature that makes this unit distinctive is that it has Matrix Mode.

Matrix Mode converts that sound produced by older video games (stereo sound) into surround sound. This completely changes the experience you will have playing older games and all you have to do is press a button.


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