KPO – KPO Services of India Gaining Traction in the Outsourcing World

The Indian IT-BPO industry is growing in leaps and bounds for the past few years. In fact, the IT-BPO industry has left no stone unturned to ensure that India is counted among the top countries with key knowledge and professional services. According to a NASSCOM report, the industry has generated revenue over USD 70 billion in FY 2010 with export revenues constituting approximately 80 per cent. The industry has contributed in a big way to the Indian economy. Yet, that’s not all that’s there to it. The industry is constantly growing itself and the next wave is that of knowledge services.

The industry is quite happy with the new trend and there is a good reason to be. India has talent. From engineering and design services to biotechnology, animation, medical and legal processes, there is a lot to explore when it comes to Knowledge services. With the IT-BPO industry going strong, Indian service providers are gradually focusing their attention on Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) which is counted as the highest level of outsourcing. So, the industry is no longer confined to support processes, but is also catering to the processes กระเบื้อง ปู ผนัง ภายนอก integral to the value creation of the company. However, this is still at a budding stage, given that opportunities can be unlocked globally.

Larger BPOs in the industry serve verticals like banking, financial services, insurance, manufacturing and pharma etc. These verticals are more mature in terms of outsourcing. On one hand there are large service providers who’ve already expanded their service portfolio, on the other hand there is a new breed of KPOs that are geared towards adding/integrating their KPO, BPO and IT offerings. These service providers cater to those segments and markets that are underserved by the larger BPOs. Going forward, there will be a steady emergence of large KPOs which will gain traction in the next four years. In fact, the trend has just started and is expected to grow beyond compare in the next couple of years alone.

With Indian industry slated to get bigger and better by the day, there are reasons to pull up our socks right now. Increased technology adoption and operations consolidation by companies in developing countries are opening up new newer business opportunities for the IT and BPO sectors. All these developments coupled with the recent economic meltdown have tremendously influenced the industry landscape. However with numerous low cost economies making significant efforts to strengthen their foothold in this market, India is already losing a significant portion of incremental call centre business to newer rivals. There is a need to address these changes and accordingly incorporate them in order to stay at the top with full focus on cost and exceptional quality of services offered to the client.

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