Don’t Be Afraid To Make Your Restaurant Unique

A friend of mine owns a small cafe in an artsy part of town, in an old converted factory. The walls are brick and plaster, there’s beautiful ironwork and high exposed ceilings. She serves flavorful hot and cold drinks made from green teas and fruit juice mixtures along with sweet and savory baked goods. Talented local “kitchen table” or cottage industry craftspeople supplement her menu with their own petit four sandwiches and specialty salads. While not a full-on, typical restaurant, they do a remarkable business due in part to the originality of their fare, their location, and their strategy. The local art community including writers, actors, painters, sculptors, knitters and legions more love The Palette because it’s a small, local business offering unique fare in a really neat atmosphere.

The café is doing pretty well, but she รับจัดบุฟเฟ่ต์ works hard to contain costs. She wants to be unique and different and eschews any standard or stock restaurant equipment. If you’re looking to start a similar business for yourself, you might consider her approach and how you can best use it for your own business.

Don’t trouble with “matched” sets of furniture. If you’ve ever been to a restaurant yourself you know patrons are tough on tables and seating. Instead head to consignment shops and estate sales. Buy sturdy, well-built used furniture. It’s cheaper than new industrial stuff and has much more character.

Why bother with rolling place settings into napkins? That can lead to excessive washing because often diners only need one implement (but you have to wash what wasn’t used for health reasons). Use pretty drawer organizers on your buffet or condiments table so that people can grab what they need and nothing more. Some drawer organizers are woven bent reeds or stained wood. Buy whatever suits the overall style for your café.

Eclectic furniture and functional drawer organizers are two ways to separate your restaurant from the mass-produced pack. What else would you alter to build up your image of being different?

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